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6 DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas That Will Make Your Patio Shine


Outdoor patio lighting is essential during those warm summer nights spent outside, but there are so many ways to make your patio shine. Here are 5 DIY outdoor lighting ideas to brighten up your backyard.

1. Starry Lights - These beautiful lights look amazing wrapped around the trunk of a couple small trees or around a trellis. When buying these lights, be sure to purchase the battery pack string of lights. It’s less hassle and safer than having to wrestle with a cord and power outlet.

2. Glowing Planters - This unique way of lighting up your yard is simple and mess free. Simply buy a few large planter pots and paint the exterior of them with glow in the dark paint. Set them outside and watch as they glow and create a soft light for your patio.

3. Hula Hoop Chandelier - This DIY chandelier is a beautiful addition to any patio. Simply buy a hula hoop and some lace or other decorative ribbon, wrap the lace or ribbon around the hula hoop, then wrap icicle lights around the hoop and hang from the ceiling. It’s a unique light fixture and is sure to wow your guests.

4. Candle Wall Sconce - Root Candle provides beautiful Wall Sconce to adorn your outside patio and backyard. Available in a variety of designs and materials, each wall sconce is ready to hang and illuminate the surrounding area of your patio. Tealight candles are used with each wall sconce and sold separately on the online candle store. There are unlimited fragrances, colors and styles to choose for your tealight candles. With each unique tealight candle, you choose the atmosphere of your party, gathering or special occasion.

5. Hanging Mason Jars - For this DIY project, you will need a few mason jars, some string, and some battery powered tea lights. Place the tea lights into the jars, then attach the jars to the strings. Then tie the jars to low hanging branches on a tree or on a clothesline strung across your yard. Get a little more creative and tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar or decorate the outside of the jar. This is a beautiful affect and it looks whimsical and in any yard.

6. String Bulb - String a line of large bulb lights across the top of your yard to brightly light a large area of your patio. These lights can be found in many hardware stores and they add an aesthetic appeal to a backyard summer party.

Each of these easy DIY ideas is sure to brighten up any patio and make your summer parties and barbeques the talk of the town. Contact Root Candles to learn more or buy candles at our online store.



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