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7 Tips to Make Your Outside Summer Meal Memorable


One of the greatest summer memories are the countless picnics and barbeques many host to celebrate the long warm days. Here are 7 tips to make these summer barbeques and picnics memorable and fun for people of all ages.

1. Perfect Pairings- Whether you’re serving BBQ or sandwiches, you want to be sure to have the side dishes pair well with the main course. With pulled chicken, pulled pork, or grilled meat try serving baked beans, a chilled pasta salad, fresh corn on the cob, or a tossed summer salad complete with berries or chopped veggies. With sandwiches, a fresh fruit salad, slices of watermelon, or a veggie plate are a perfect pair for them. Backyard barbeques and picnics are meant to be casual so be sure to make the meal a ‘help yourself’ with everything from drinks to dessert.

2. Simple Drinks- There is no need to buy several brands of soda or make fancy cocktails for each of your guests. Make a large pitcher of lemonade or iced tea and add a few fresh sprigs of mint or slices of lemons. Offer an “adult” version of these drinks and a large pitcher of ice water with slices of strawberries or mint to ensure everyone stays hydrated.

3. Dessert- A memorable delicious dessert is the perfect way to end the meal. Here are our favorite 17 warm weather desserts to end your summer meal on a sweet note or simply scoop out ice cream cones or make cookie sandwiches by stuffing two chocolate chip cookies full of vanilla ice cream.

4. Songs of Summer- To liven up the event, have music playing your favorite playlist or artist. No need to spend a lot of money, just plug in your iPod or MP3 player and let the dancing and singing begin.

5. Games and Activities- Keeping kids distracted and entertained is an easy task when you have little things like bubbles, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, bean bag toss game, or even water balloons; just keep towels on hand. For the adults, have dancing, board games, or card games to keep your guests entertained.

6. Decorations- For an evening of summer fun, decorations make the night even more memorable. Twinkle lights strung across the patio or backyard add a classy touch as do table cloths and nice plate ware and drinking glasses. And don’t forget about summer candles! They create the perfect ambiance when lined along a twisting garden path or scattered on your patio table.

7. End of the Evening- When night falls, it’s a wonderful idea to light a bonfire and have your guests gather around it. Provide s’more fixings for the kids and bug spray to keep those pesky mosquitoes away.



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