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8 Ways to Make Family Meal Time Meaningful

Eating meals together as a family is a wonderful way to bond with your children. A way to reconnect and engage in each other which is a crucial part in raising well-behaved and polite children. These days, it is difficult to make time for family dinner; between work, after-school activities and household responsibilities, sitting together over a meal is hard. Distractions come [...]

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Happy Anniversary Kim Flottum!

Today we celebrate Bee Culture Magazine Editor, Kim Flottum. His 30 years of hard work and dedication reflect through his many achievements. As our 9th editor of the magazine, he is also the 2nd longest serving editor behind A. I. Root, who founded the well regarded and trusted beekeeping resource in 1873.As editor, Kim has doubled the size of [...]

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Make Any Occasion Special with a Root Candle

Hosting a party or social gathering is always a pleasure, but how would one create a comfortable atmosphere while also adding a touch of something to make it special? One of the easiest ways to do this is by lighting a few candles. For centuries, candles have been used; first for a light source, but now they are used to [...]

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Fragrance Friday: The Best Scents to Disguise the Worst Bathroom Odors

Tired of embarrassing bathroom odors plaguing you and your guests? Root Candles has the best scents and fragrances to disguise and destroy the worst bathroom odors and smells. Fragrance Friday features fragrance sprays, wax melts and other products specifically designed to combat heavy odors and maintain long lasting freshness in your bathroom 24 hours a day.Poo-Pourri Available in a variety [...]

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4 Simple Tips to Transform Your Bath into Relaxing Sanctuary

The solution to transforming your bath into a relaxing sanctuary does not always require a tiresome bathroom remodel that costs thousands of dollars due to construction, materials, new amenities, and professional help. Sometimes all your bath needs is a change in atmosphere, the essence of luxury, and an emphasis on timeless taste and beauty. Root Candle’s 4 simple tips [...]

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14 Ways to Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

Having company stay in your home is always a pleasure to do, but how would one make sure it’s equally as pleasuring for your guests as it is for you? Here are 14 ways to ensure your guests have a wonderful stay, making them think of your hospitality the next time [...]

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Winter Weather Worries: Preventing Catastrophe in Severe Conditions

Winter Weather Worries: Preventing Catastrophe in Severe Conditions When severe winter weather strikes, it is prudent to take the necessary precautions in order to ensure your family’s safety. There are many ways to stay safe and warm during a hard winter storm. Tip1: Stay indoors and off the roads: The most important tip is to stay indoors during a storm. Unless absolutely necessary, [...]

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Medina Glows During the 31st Candlelight Walk

This past weekend marked the official beginning to the Christmas Shopping Season. With over 5,000 candles lit over 3 days of festive family fun, this year's Candlelight Walk was Medina's biggest! Events were held on the Historic Public Square and here at Root Candles that drew thousands of locals and visitors. Friday evening kicked off the weekend festivities with the Tree [...]

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National Candle Month

Candere: the Latin origin of the word candle, meaning to shine.Candles have been used for centuries. First used for a source of light, today they are used for decorative purposes as electricity has replaced them. Candles are used in seven out of ten households and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Candle [...]

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