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Celebrating Dad’s Character This Father’s Day


Are you searching for Father’s Day gift ideas, but can’t find that special gift to perfectly encapsulate the feelings you wish to convey to your dad?

A great way to show gratitude for all that your father does for you is by celebrating his character. By celebrating your father’s character, you can show him just how thankful you are for all that he is and how that character has influenced you.

How can you express your thankfulness to your father for his character? One way is by individually recognizing each special character trait you truly appreciate in your father. Root Candles has created an exclusive collection of 3-wick candles to recognize important character traits most fathers demonstrate, such as Honesty, Ingenuity, Innovation, Integrity, and Strength. And if you want to express your thankfulness for everything that your father is, we even have a candle dedicated especially to Character.

To help narrow down which candle(s) you think describes your father best, here are explanations of each type of specialty 3-wick candle you could surprise your father with on Father’s Day:

Character - Honor and strength can be described by the deep scents of patchouli, spiced bay, citrus, and green mandarin.

Honesty - Sincerity and forthrightness can be described by the open combination of sparkling citrus, rosemary, geniune green leaves, and a touch of jasmine.

Ingenuity - Initiative and resourceful imagination can be described by the clever combination of California orange oil, red geranium, and oud.

Innovation - Originality and modernization can be described by the creative blends of aquatic waters, amber salts with layers of marine accords, and musks.

Integrity - Truthfulness and virtue can be described by the purity of Mayotte Vanilla with clove bud, spun sugar, and tonka bean.

Strength - Stability and power can be described by the durable blend of coriander, ambrette seed, cedarwood, and oakmoss.

Show love and deep appreciation to your dad this Father’s Day by purchasing a meaningful 3-wick candle that will burn in celebration of his everything your father means to you.



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