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Eleven Facts about Root Candles


1.Root Candles uses approximately 5% of all the beeswax produced in the United States each year.

2. At it's peak, the Root Company had almost three acres of apiaries that housed 228 hives dedicated to rearing queen honey bees. Four freight train car loads of beekeeping equipment were shipped per day.

3. To celebrate our 101st anniversary, we produced a candle that was 110 feet long and weighed 350lbs. After the photo op, it was carried back to Production and melted down into smaller candles the same day. 

4. Behind Corporate Headquarters on West Liberty Street, we have several pollinator gardens sponsored by Pollinator Partnership, Medina Master Gardeners, Ohio State Beekeepers, several seed companies and the Root Company. The gardens feature seed mixtures that corporations, the typical homeowner, the Ohio Department of Transportation and others can use to fill their empty spaces with good food for honey bee and other pollinators. The public is welcome to stroll through the gardens during business hours. 

5. A. I. Root wrote the first ever published article about the successful airplane flights made by the Wright Brothers in his magazine Gleanings in Bee Culture. An archival copy of the the article is currently on display at the Smithsonian.

6. After learning about advancements in educating blind and deaf children and contributing to help that effort, A. I. Root received a 4 paged letter from Helen Keller thanking him for his kindness and support. For the rest of their lives, they remained close, personal friends.

7. In 1928 the company began the transition into candle-making when a local priest made a request for high quality liturgical candles made from beeswax. Today, Root is the leading supplier of liturgical candles to churches all over the world. 


8. The famed Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes at the university of Notre Dame is lit entirely with Root Candles. To Notre Dame students and alumni, the Grotto is a special place to spend a few quiet moments especially during football weekends and finals.

9. In the late 1960's, fragrance was added to the candles to appeal to the Woodstock Generation.

10. Medina was once known as the "Sweetest Town on Earth" because of the honey produced by the A. I. Root Company.

11. Today, Root Candles is led by the fifth generation of the Root family, Brad Root. Six other members of the Root family currently work here. The longest employed team member is Stu Root at over 50 years!!!



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