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Making Your Wedding Shine with Root Candles


Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons. With so many colorful and wonderful smelling flowers, blue skies and puffy clouds, it’s the perfect time for a wedding. Incorporating candles creatively is easy with these tips from the experts at Root Candles.

The Unity Candle Tradition: Our Wedding Candle captures the special meaning behind the wedding ceremony. This Unity Candle is used to symbolize two people, or two families, coming together as one. This candle ritual is a beautiful tradition that adds so much meaning to any wedding.

Bring the Scents of Spring to your Wedding: Springtime is filled with unique scents from the fresh smell of rain to lavender and daffodil. Including fragrance candles at your wedding ceremony or reception can bring the smell of Spring indoors. Likewise, consider sending your guest home with a springtime fragrance votive as a favor. Shop Springtime Scents of the Season and order yours today!

Candles to Set the Mood Another lovely way to add candles to your wedding is to use them as decoration. A tapered candle set among flowers and table settings during the reception adds a romantic appeal to your night, or pillar candles set around the room during the ceremony adds comfort and aesthetic charm to create an attractive look that most would never forget.Adding candles down the aisle at your ceremony is a chic look that really adds the perfect romantic touch to your wedding day. Contact Root Candles today and we will work with you to make your wedding day décor shine!



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