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Congratulations to Kim Flottum on his Retirement

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Kim Flottum and A. I. Root

In this month of gratitude, it is only appropriate to take the time to recognize Kim Flottum for all he has done for the past 33 years in making the Bee Culture branded publications the nation’s leading honey bee periodicals. As we approach the ending of an era, we want to thank Kim for all he has done to build an amazing set of publications for The A. I. Root Company. As Senior Editor, Kim is a “rock star” in the beekeeping community. He has written so many important books, attended 1,000’s of meetings, events, and speaking engagements around the world and is recognized for his wisdom, talent, and sense of humor.

Kim is a pioneer in the beekeeping industry where his voice of authority on all things beekeeping is shared on podcasts, webinars, and across a variety of social media platforms. Kim frequently comments about how proud he is to have helped to build the “Bee Culture Nation,” together with his team of Kathy Summers, Amanda DeSimone, Jean Newcombe, and Brenda Tharp Bray. This group has instilled a passion and commitment to creating a worldwide stage for the beekeeping industry.

For our team at Root Candles, Kim has been the advocate for social responsibility and has helped us focus some of our collective efforts on saving the honey bee. He could be counted on to share his perspective and was a courageous leader for the business and the beekeeping community.

As Kim retires from his daily work at the Root Company, he will always be part of our family. We are forever thankful to have had the honor to work with Kim for the past 33 years. Please join us as we wish Kim much success as he boldly tackles the next chapter in his life.

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