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New Look, New Logo, New Fragrances!


The Hive has been busy, very busy…

It all started with a swarm of bees. Amos Ives Root was inspired to start a beekeeping business when a swarm of bees landed on the window of his jewelry store. That simple event created a company which has become synonymous with beekeeping, honey, pure beeswax and the highest quality candles. Now led by the family’s fifth generation, we strive to provide you with superior candles filled with rich fragrances and on trend colors for a luxurious burning experience unlike any other.

After nearly 150 years in business, we are going back to our roots (pun intended) and launching an updated brand identity, which includes a new logo, new packaging, and new labels. Our design pays tribute to our heritage in beekeeping and beeswax candles.The Queen Bee icon pays homage to our rich heritage.

Not only are we introducing a new look, but we've added new fragrances into our full line. Fall in love with the alluring Tobacco Vanilla, Hazelnut Latte (a coffee lover's dream), boozy Bourbon Vanilla, our new Signature fragrance: Drizzling Honey and many more (a scratch and sniff button would be useful right now).

Our new look aligns with the principles and values that our company was founded upon in 1869 – honesty, integrity, and plain ol’ hard work...And our worker bees have worked their stingers off.

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Eleven Facts about Root Candles

1.Root Candles uses approximately 5% of all the beeswax produced in the United States each year.2. At it's peak, the Root Company had almost three acres of apiaries that housed 228 hives dedicated to rearing queen honey bees. Four freight train car loads of beekeeping equipment were shipped per day.3. To celebrate our 101st anniversary, [...]

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Medina Glows During the 31st Candlelight Walk

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