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Summer looks good on us!


Summer is in full bloom here at the hive and so is our bountiful pollinator gardens!

Expanding across the north and south side of West Liberty Street, nestled in the heart of Medina, you will find yourself lost in a Pollinator's Paradise.The cricket's chirp and the honey bees' buzz welcome you to their home.

Stroll along the sidewalk in front of our historic corporate offices adorned with various cone flowers, lime thyme, beebalm, and many other pollinator favorites. As you wander along, take in the beauty of the pinks, yellows, and purples. Make your away around the side of the building and nature's haven beckons you from the distance.

Standing tall, separating the garden from the hustle and bustle of everyday traffic, an apple tree beckons you to enter the several-acre Meadow, 5 years in the making!

The idea started with the installation of honey bee hives on the front lawn of the A. I. Root Homestead. Situated in front of our Production Facility, honey bees dance among the flowers that decorate the historic 19th century home. The newer hives are a nod to the 100 acre apiary that once covered the grounds. Since honey bees need food to make food, we added pollen rich plants to feed our hard working girls.

In an effort to help save the bees, 2 years ago, local garden groups reached out to create a haven for pollinators.

The first garden was small, using a pollinator mix from Ernst Seeds. Since the garden was a success, it caught the attention of various gardening groups, and so the Medina County Master Gardeners joined us. Last year, they added a phenology garden as part of their statewide initiative to plant the same flowers across various parts of Ohio. To complement this garden we added another, sponsored by the Pollinator Partnership, which entice Monarch butterflies to flutter about our gardens. Volunteers from both programs visit the gardens frequently to log the blooms and butterflies. This year, along with the Ohio State Beekeepers, we added more plots that expanded the Meadow. In addition to new plots, the Root Candles Flagship Store received some pollinator love.

After the city dug up the ground to replace water main lines, our Bee Culture Magazine Editor, Kim Flottum, envisioned another garden, in front of the retail store, which was installed earlier this week. With this addition, we plan to expand this fall, when planting for next year begins. 

Our gardens offer beauty and peace in this hectic world, as well as a home for pollinators that are vital to our very existence. 


Want to experience the gardens for yourself? Join us Saturday, August 13th for Pollinator Day! We'll have Master Gardeners and Beekeepers on site chatting about the different plants used in our gardens and our favorite fuzzy friend, the honey bee!



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