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Church Candles



The A.I. Root Company was started by Amos Ives Root in 1869 as a supplier, innovator and authority to the beekeeping and honey industry. When asked by a local priest to supply beeswax candles that wouldn’t sag or melt in the summer heat of his sweltering church, A.I. Root’s son, Huber, developed a superior beeswax candle using hand-rolled strips of beeswax from Root’s own hives wrapped around a wick. These pure beeswax candles from Root stood up to the hottest summer days while burning cleaner and longer as they delivered the natural aroma of sweet honey. Root Candles has been a leading supplier of liturgical candles ever since.

Today, the use of liturgical candles is highly symbolic. Many religious denominations require that candles used for liturgical purposes be made using pure beeswax. At Root Candles, our beeswax is domestically harvested and is filtered for purity without using harsh chemicals or bleach. Rest assured, every Root liturgical candle is carefully handcrafted using processes mastered through five generations combined with the latest in manufacturing technologies. Simply put, they are "The Best Candles in America.”

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