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Root Legacy candles add sophisticated and luxurious hues to any space. Colored candles give depth and interest to simple rooms while enhancing appearance and aroma. Root’s all natural, beeswax candles come in over thirty different colors. From natural, earthy tones to rich, luxurious hues, Root Candles can complement the decor of any living space. All Root Legacy candles appear as a smooth weathered bark of a tree, capturing the bold spirit of the great outdoors, and adding a scenic style element to its surroundings.

What color is best for your space?

Not sure which color is best for your space? Read this article- Creating A Colorful Space With Candles to determine which colors you can use to achieve the look and feel you desire in your home with candles.

Most colors are available in thirteen different styles and sizes including 12” Grecian Collenette, 12” Taper Candles, 12” Timberline Arista, 5” Grecian Collenette, 5” Timberline Collenette, 7” Grecian Collenette, 7” Timberline Collenette, 9” Grecian Collenette, 9” Taper Candle, 9” Timberline Arista, 9” Timberline Collenette, 12” Arista and smooth 9” Arista.

Beeswax Blend

Root Legacy Candles are made with a long-lasting, clean-burning, all-natural beeswax blend. The exquisite Legacy blend has an all-natural cotton (lead free) wick and is fragranced with pure, essential oils that produce a rich, lasting sensory experience. 



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