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Root Candles infuses the essences of complementary scents to create true sensory experiences that delight and fill your home with familiar, fresh and effervescent aromas. Offering over 42 different fragrances of all of your favorite scented candles, Root’s all natural beeswax blend has a scent sure to satisfy everyone’s taste. The floral scents emanate bouquets of Daffodil, Lavender, Honeysuckle and Sampaquita, while our more earthy fragrances exude rich hints of Blue Basil, Japanese Cedarwood, Ginger Patchouli and Spice Market. Mouth-watering, delicious scents range from the Creamy Decadence of cookies and cream to Salted Caramel to a heavenly Tiramisu. Clean fragrances such as Crisp Linen and Sun-Dried Cotton will make your space feel tidy and well-kept while bursts of citrus scents will make your space feel energized and refreshed. Root Legacy seasonal scents with robust holiday smells are familiar, traditional and time tested.

New Year, New You!

Sparkling Champagne, Awaken (Basil & Lime), Crisp Linen, Detoxify (Spearmint & Tea Tree Oil), Ginger PatchouliEnergize (Rosemary Eucalyptus), , and Invigorate (Pomelo Pine)

The New Year is a time for new beginnings and renewal. Refresh your home with the clean, citrus bursts of Crisp Linen. Or Detoxify your soul with the purifying power of Spearmint and Tea Tree Oil. De-clutter small spaces and re-Energize them with a delightful blend of Rosemary Eucalyptus. Root Candles has the perfect fragrance to freshen your home and give it that "I've cleaned all day" vibe.

Beeswax Blend

Root Legacy Candles' are made with a long-lasting, clean-burning, all-natural beeswax blend. The exquisite Legacy blend has an all-natural cotton (lead free) wick and is fragranced with pure, essential oil based fragrances that produce a rich, lasting sensory experience. 



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