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Our Sanctuary Candles are a Root original and are designed for the most important of liturgical uses, signifying the presence of Our Lord in the tabernacle.  The Bottle Sanctuary Light is an invention of Root Candles. In past times, the presence of the Eucharist in the tabernacle was signified by lighting a wick in a glass container of oil. Frustrated by oil dripping onto valuable sanctuary carpets, a local Bishop approached Huber Root for help. An innovator like his father, A.I. Root, Huber accepted the challenge. Soon, he created a self-contained Sanctuary Candle made with a new, specialized wax formulation and an improved wick in a flat-bottomed glass jar. The convenience and popularity of Huber Root’s Sanctuary Candle design soon became the standard in all churches.

Root’s Sanctuary Lights continue to be the standard of the time-honored tradition of recognizing Christ’s ever-presence in the church. Choose from a variety of sizes and designs. Sanctuary lights perform best when encased in a glass globe. This offers protection from drafts, fans and air-conditioning and also insulates the light in winter. Sanctuary Globes are traditionally red or clear, but we offer other colors as well.