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Root Candles has partnered with Project Apis m to introduce the Honey Blends Collection in an effort to help save the honeybees.

MEDINA, Ohio (January 2017) Root Candles and Project Apis m have announced a collaborative effort that will do much to benefit the beekeeping community, honey bees and beekeeping in the United States and Canada.

Root Candles, with 150 years of beekeeping industry experience and nearly 100 years manufacturing liturgical and home decorative candles has launched a totally new and exciting line of candles aptly name Honey Blends, bringing together the best of both of their worlds.

The new Honey Blends candles are unlike any available. Made with all natural, sustainable waxes, coupled with fragrances containing essential oils, these long, clean burning delicacies produce incredibly delicious aromas, plus they add an additional decorative accent wherever they sit in your home.

But there’s a cloud on the horizon. A portion of these candles, the component that enables them to be so long lasting, so fragrant, and so clean burning – is pure, natural beeswax, made by U. S. honey bees. Honey bees that are threatened by a variety of factors that U. S. beekeepers continue to struggle to control.

This is where the collaboration with Project Apis m comes in. Since its inception in 2006, Project Apis m has infused over $6 million into honey bee research, seeking the causes and the solutions to the factors threatening our honey bees…and now the Honey Blends candles. Project Apis m has developed Best Management Practices for beekeepers, initiated the Seeds for Bees Project to provide more, and better forage for honey bees everywhere, and is a strong supporter of the Bee Informed Tech Transfer teams, providing the newest research directly to beekeepers. To accomplish these feats, Project Apis m has received private donations, state, and federal grants. Most importantly, they work directly with corporate entities and have become THE largest non-governmental, non-profit honey bee research funding organization in the U. S. Their mission is to provide solutions for beekeepers, and honey bees for growers, so the food supply we all count on is not threatened further.

To ensure a future with healthy honey bees, clean, all natural beeswax, and ample honey bees for our everyday foods, Root Candles will donate a portion of every sale of their Honey Blends candles to Project Apis m to aid their research on honey bee problems.

“We rely on honey bees and their keepers to provide a long lasting resource for home and hearth, and we are dedicated to helping Project Apis m. solve these issues and save our bees, our beekeepers and our way of life”, said Brad Root, President of the Root Company, when this collaboration was announced.

You can help #SaveTheHoneybees by purchasing candles from the Honey Blends Collection or by donating directly to Project Apis m.








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