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5 Ways to Keep Your Cool During Back to School


As summer break comes to an end, keep your cool during the back to school rush! Here are some ways you can make the back to school transition smoother.

1. Make a list, check it twice! No need to think of all the things you need, we found this cute back to school checklist on Pinterest! Lists will keep you on track and organized. Tip: Throw a small notepad and pen in your purse to jot down anything you may forget.

2. Meal Plan- Make the first week of school easier by meal planning and prepping the Sunday before. Make it fun by asking each child to think of a meal idea. Make dinner time extra special by adding a few dinner candles to your table. Here's a meal idea: Taco Tuesday!

3. Routine- Starting a routine earlier will help school mornings run smoother. Set weekday and weekend bed times and wake times so your kids can adjust to the new schedule. Pack lunches and backpacks the night before and lay out clothes for the next day.

4. Play time- Spend an afternoon doing one final family activity, like a trip to the zoo. Or, if the weather is too hot (or rainy), take the kids to a museum. These family-fun activities will help ease the kiddos into back to school mode.

5. RELAX! We have your "me time" covered, because you deserve it. Grab a glass of wine and a good book, drop a lavender bath bomb in the tub (our fave are the tub truffles from Rinse Bath Body, found in our Retail Flagship Store) and light the soothing Relax: Geranium Lavender Seeking Balance Candle. The soft crackle of the wooden wick will melt your stresses away as relaxation washes over you. Now breathe...Feel better? Go tackle that First Day of School, you got this!



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