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Filled Candles


We make our scented jar candles with the intention to provide you with hours of enjoyable, gentle aromas. Each Root Legacy glass candle jar is filled with all-natural beeswax that has been infused with the essence of natural organic oils. In addition, the candle wick is made of all-natural cotton ensuring that each candle burns clean.

The large candle jars are available in two different types of glass jars. The Veriglass whose name was inspired by “a thin coating of ice” is a sleek, modern designed candle jar that will burn up to 70 hours. The traditional Queen Bee large candle jar is filled with up to 130 hours of a long-lasting enjoyable fragrance experience.

Each of our American made, long-burning scented jar candles are available in forty-two sophisticated scents, forty-two colors and four sizes including the Large 22 oz. Queen Bee jar, Medium 14 oz. Queen Bee jar, Large 10.5 oz. Veriglass, Small 6.3 oz. Veriglass

After the candle burns completely, the jar can be cleaned and repurposed or recycled.

Beeswax Blend

Root Legacy Candles are made with a long-lasting, clean-burning, all-natural beeswax blend. The exquisite Legacy blend has an all-natural cotton (lead free) wick and is fragranced with pure, essential oils that produce a rich, lasting sensory experience. 



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