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Happy Anniversary Kim Flottum!

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Today we celebrate Bee Culture Magazine Editor, Kim Flottum. His 30 years of hard work and dedication reflect through his many achievements. As our 9th editor of the magazine, he is also the 2nd longest serving editor behind A. I. Root, who founded the well regarded and trusted beekeeping resource in 1873.

As editor, Kim has doubled the size of Bee Culture Magazine and guided it to the #1 position in the beekeeping industry. He published 3 editions of The ABC and XYZ of Beekeeping, which A. I. Root first published in late 1800's. In addition to updating the encyclopedia of beekeeping, he also wrote 4 books on bees and beekeeping. His vast knowledge of beekeeping has been recognized nationally and internationally.

He served as a Consultant to the White House beekeeper when installation began on the First Beehive, currently located on the South Lawn of the White House Grounds. The honeybees help pollinate the kitchen gardens and produce honey for the First Family.

In an effort to help save the dwindling honeybee population, Kim speaks to beekeeping audiences locally and worldwide. His efforts to save the bees and pollinators have traveled from Medina, Ohio to across the pond into the UK.

Thank you Kim for continuing A. I. Root’s legacy and love for the honeybee! Congratulations on 30 years of success within and outside the A. I. Root Company!!



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